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Perlen Poesie Magazine

Workshop Booklets

Paper Patterns

Tri-Star Necklace By Sue Charette-Hood

Quatrefoil By Lisa Jordan

Rose Windows By Lisa Jordan

Briar Rose By Emi Yamada

Swanky Snake By Akiko Nomura

Flower Lattice By Akiko Nomura

Palmetto Necklace By Yasmin Sarfati

Zipper Bracelet By Anna Lindell

X-Factor Bracelet By Kelly Wiese

Double Tile Bangle By Chloe Menage

Ruffled Rondelle By Nichole Starman

A Pinch of Elegance By Lisa Jordan

Spheric Earrings By Anna Lindell

Fanfare Pendant By Leslee Frumin

Archways By Phyllis Dintenfass

Purple Passion Necklace By Stefanie Deddo-Evans

Step It Up Bracelet by Kathy Simonds

Sahara Sky Bracelet by Agnieszka Watts

Lenora Bracelet By Lisa Jordan

Montpensier By Olga Haserodt

Luna Rosa By Carole Ohl

Vineyard Harvest By Melissa Mauk Rodarte

Isabella Cuff By Carole Ohl

Masquerade Design By Thomasin Alyxander

Morning Glory Bracelet by Patrick Duggan

Crossroads Cuff by Melinda Barta

English Crescent Bracelet by Rochelle Peterson

Byzantine Pendant By Monika Szatmari

Kilim Cuff By Carole Ohl

Holiday Workshop Color Selection 2017


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