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Teatime Trinkets by Nichole Starman

Download the Teatime Trinkets Pattern


Introducing the Starman Teacup Bead

Designed by Starman TrendSetter Nichole Starman - Architectural Designer of Dimensional Beads and Jewelry

Use adorable cup-shaped beads, called Teacups, to make round components that are perfect for gifting. Make several in personalized colors and quickly string them together on a chain.

TN-06-221 TOHO Demi Round 6/0 4mm : Bronze
TN-06-221/c TOHO Demi Round 6/0 4mm Tube 2.5" : Bronze
380-24-3005 Teacup 4 x 2mm : Sapphire
380-24-3005/c Teacup 4 x 2mm Tube 2.5" : Sapphire
380-24-15495 Teacup 4 x 2mm : Luster - Transparent Topaz/Pink
380-24-15495/c Teacup 4 x 2mm Tube 2.5" : Luster - Transparent Topaz/Pink