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Teacup Pinwheel Components

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Featuring Starman Teacups

Designed by Starman TrendSetter Zsuzsanna Erdei - Articulate Beading Designer Fascinated by Color Therapy and the Mathematics Behind Beading

Stitch Teacups in opposite directions for a fun pinwheel effect. Also featuring CzechMates® Diamonds and TOHO® Rounds, these whimsical components would make great earrings, small pendants, or bracelets.

TR-08-221 TOHO Round 8/0 : Bronze
TR-08-221/c TOHO Round 8/0 Tube 2.5" : Bronze
TR-15-222 TOHO Round 15/0 : Dk Bronze
TR-15-222/c TOHO Round 15/0 Tube 2.5" : Dk Bronze
380-24-14415 Teacup 4 x 2mm : Dk Bronze
380-24-14415/c Teacup 4 x 2mm Tube 2.5" : Dk Bronze
380-24-79051 Teacup 4 x 2mm : Metallic Suede - Lt Green
380-24-79051/c Teacup 4 x 2mm Tube 2.5" : Metallic Suede - Lt Green
398-46-K0171 CzechMates Diamond 6.5 x 4mm : Matte - Metallic Flax
398-46-K0171/c CzechMates Diamond 6.5 x 4mm Tube 2.5" : Matte - Metallic Flax