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A Pinch of Elegance By Lisa Jordan

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Designed by Starman TrendSetter Lisa Jordan - Photographer and Lover of Texture, Symmetry, and the Architectural Aspect of Beads

Create this simple and elegant bracelet using Czech Pinch Beads, Rondelles, and TOHO seed beads.

TR-11-5D TOHO Round 11/0 : Transparent Garnet
TR-11-5D/c TOHO Round 11/0 Tube 2.5" : Transparent Garnet
TR-11-5D/d TOHO Round 11/0 Tube 5.5" : Transparent Garnet
TR-11-6CF TOHO Round 11/0 : Transparent-Frosted Amethyst
TR-11-6CF/c TOHO Round 11/0 Tube 2.5" : Transparent-Frosted Amethyst
TR-11-6CF/d TOHO Round 11/0 Tube 5.5" : Transparent-Frosted Amethyst
2-53-K0171 Pinch Beads 5 x 3mm : Matte - Metallic Flax
2-53-79080CR Pinch Beads 5 x 3mm : Sueded Gold Crystal
48-03-14413 Rondelle 3mm : Luster - Transparent Champagne
48-03-21415 Rondelle 3mm : Iris - Brown