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Zermatt Bracelet

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Try a Two-Needle Technique

Designed by Starman TrendSetter Veres Zsuzsa-Vezsuzsi - Designer and Teacher Who Uses Colorful Tiny Beads to Push Her Creativity and Spatial Awareness

Use two needles to quickly stitch up this zigzag bracelet featuring CzechMates® Beams and Bars, Matubo™ GEMDUOs, and Demi Rounds™ and round seed beads from TOHO®.

TR-08-PF592F TOHO Round 8/0 : PermaFinish - Matte Galvanized Golden Fleece
TR-08-PF592F/c TOHO Round 8/0 Tube 2.5" : Permafinish - Matte Galvanized Golden Fleece
379-85-K0171 GEMDUO 8 x 5mm : Matte - Metallic Flax
379-85-K0171/c GEMDUO 8 x 5mm Tube 2.5" : Matte - Metallic Flax
389-26-79083 CzechMates Bar 6 x 2mm : Metallic Suede - Dk Plum
389-26-79083/c CzechMates Bar 6 x 2mm Tube 2.5" : Metallic Suede - Dk Plum
397-210-14415 CzechMates Beam 10 x 3mm : Dk Bronze
397-210-14415/c CzechMates Beam 10 x 3mm Tube 2.5" : Dk Bronze