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Flowering Peyote Rope

Download the 2019 Holiday Workshop

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Create a pattern with TOHO® Rounds

Designed by Starman TrendSetter Szidonia Petki - Designer of Beautiful and Intricate, Yet Easy to Re-Create Beadwoven Jewelry

Use TOHO® round seed beads to create a flexible tubular–peyote stitched rope with a floral pattern that’s perfect for a bracelet or necklace.

TR-11-123 TOHO Round 11/0 : Opaque-Lustered Lt Beige
TR-11-123/c TOHO Round 11/0 Tube 2.5" : Opaque-Lustered Lt Beige
TR-11-223 TOHO Round 11/0 : Antique Bronze
TR-11-223/c TOHO Round 11/0 Tube 2.5" : Antique Bronze
TR-15-223 TOHO Round 15/0 : Antique Bronze
TR-15-223/c TOHO Round 15/0 Tube 2.5" : Bronze Antique Bronze
5-03-04B10 Round Beads 3mm : ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Autumn Maple
5-03-90215 Round Beads 3mm : Bronze