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Gita Bracelet by Silke Steuernagel

Download the Gita Bracelet

Bead stores and online retailers can download the pattern here.

Combine Three Sizes of Demi Rounds™

Designed by Starman TrendSetter Silke Steuernagel - Independent Beadwork Author, Editor, and Illustrator; Architecture and Technique Ethusiast

Featuring an ingenious and elegant buttonhole closure, this woven band of TOHO® Demi Rounds™ has a luscious, textile quality.

TN-06-224 TOHO Demi Round 6/0 4mm : Olympic Bronze
TN-06-224/c TOHO Demi Round 6/0 4mm Tube 2.5" : Olympic Bronze
TN-08-82 TOHO Demi Round 8/0 3mm : Metallic Nebula
TN-08-82/c TOHO Demi Round 8/0 3mm Tube 2.5" : Metallic Nebula