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5-06C-57101 Round Crackle Beads 6mm : Topaz/Green
5-06X-1023 Round Beads 6mm : Smoky Topaz AB
5-08C-5023 Round Crackle Beads 8mm : Olivine
41-516-M6021 Dagger 16 x 5mm : Matte - Teal
41-516-MX08605 Dagger 16 x 5mm : Matte - Winter Mint Twist AB
46-06-X0003 Roll Beads 6mm : Crystal AB
46-09-14464 Roll Beads 9mm : Luster - Transparent Blue
101-127-D0003 Leaves 12 x 7mm : Glow in the Dark - Crystal
106-86-MX2021 Lg. Tear Drops 8 x 6mm : Matte - Alexandrite AB
213-46-15726 Nugget Spacers 6 x 4mm : Luster - Transparent Denim Blue
275-06-27008 Lentils 6mm : Crystal/Dk Amethyst
313-918-6313 Duck Bills 18 x 9mm : Turquoise