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TB-01-Y856F TOHO Bugle #1 (3mm) : HYBRID Apollo - Frosted Lt Beige
TG-11-784 TOHO Triangle 11/0 : Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Sandstone-Lined
TG-11-989 TOHO Triangle 11/0 : Gold-Lined Crystal
TG-11-Y851 TOHO Triangle 11/0 : HYBRID Apollo
TH-08-5 TOHO Hexagon 8/0 : Pink
TH-08-611 TOHO Hexagon 8/0 : Matte-Color Opaque Gray
TR-06-512 TOHO Round 6/0 : Galvanized Green Silver
TR-08-757 TOHO Round 8/0 : Gold-Lined Sky Blue
TR-08-Y317F TOHO Round 8/0 : HYBRID Transparent Frosted Lt Amethyst - Picasso
TR-08-Y318F TOHO Round 8/0 : HYBRID Transparent Frosted Peridot - Picasso
TR-08-Y629 TOHO Round 8/0 : HYBRID Sueded Gold Transparent Peridot
TR-11-Y317 TOHO Round 11/0 : HYBRID Transparent Lt Amethyst - Picasso