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J7-00-ASL Flower and Leaf Hook and Eye Clasp : Antique Silver
J51-155-ABR Leaf Link 15/5mm : Antique Brass
J51-155-GNM Leaf Link 15/5mm : Gun Metal
J55-165-GLD Three Hole Spacer Bar 16/5mm : Gold
J64-62-ACP Bead Cap 6/2mm : Antique Copper
J80-1223-GLD Pebble Patterened Hook 12/23mm : Gold
J105-2319-ABR Splatter Texture Cone Finding 23/19mm : Antique Brass
J117-93-ACP Square Bead Cap with Hearts 9/3mm : Antique Copper
J120-2117-BRS Heart/Bird Pendant : Brass
J142-16-GNM Filigree Disc 16mm : Gun Metal
J157-00-ASL Nautical Hook and Eye Clasps : Antique Silver
J239-2310-ASL Revolving Hook 23/10mm : Antique Silver