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5-06-6118 Round Beads 6mm : Smoky Topaz/White
5-06-MX9008 Round Beads 6mm : Matte - Siam Ruby AB
101-105-S5073 Leaves 10 x 5mm : Silver - Emerald
106-64-K0172 Tear Drops 6 x 4mm : Matte - Metallic Aztec Gold
106-510-X1023 Tear Drops 10 x 5mm : Smoky Topaz AB
114-810-MX3001 Leaves 10 x 8mm Vertical Hole : Matte - Lt Sapphire AB
210-86-V2398 Rice Beads 8 x 6mm : Jet - Vitral
210-119-06418 Rice Beads 11 x 9mm : Black Diamond White
287-08-13510 Melon Round 8mm : Opaque Cocoa Brown
288-155-SL5082 Two Hole Bar 15 x 5mm : Cool Mint Green - Silver-Lined
301-09-14415 Moon Faces 9mm : Dk Bronze
320-912-K0171 Leaves 12 x 9mm : Matte - Metallic Flax