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In a Pinch

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Bead stores and online retailers can request this or the full 12-pattern Holiday Workshop at [email protected]

Try Pinch Beads

Designed by Starman TrendSetter Lisa Jordan - Photographer and Lover of Texture, Symmetry, and the Architectural Aspect of Beads

Versatile and easy to customize with different colors and bead shapes, these are sure to make a perfect gift for anyone.

TR-11-21 TOHO Round 11/0 : Silver-Lined Crystal
TR-11-21/c TOHO Round 11/0 Tube 2.5" : Silver-Lined Crystal
TR-15-82 TOHO Round 15/0 : Metallic Nebula
TR-15-82/c TOHO Round 15/0 Tube 2.5" : Metallic Nebula
TT-01-558 TOHO Treasure #1 Galvanized Aluminum
TT-01-558/c TOHO Treasure #1 Tube 2.5" : Galvanized Aluminum
1-03-K0189 Fire-Polish 3mm : Matte - Metallic Lava
2-53-K0171 Pinch Beads 5 x 3mm : Matte - Metallic Flax
2-53-K0189 Pinch Beads 5 x 3mm : Matte - Metallic Lava
2-53-94204 Pinch Beads 5 x 3mm : Chrome - Emerald Green
5-04-79031 Round Beads 4mm : Metallic Suede - Blue
48-03-27000 Rondelle 3mm : Silver
48-04-K0171 Rondelle 4mm : Matte - Metallic Flax
48-04-K0189 Rondelle 4mm : Matte - Metallic Lava
48-04-BT9320 Rondelle 4mm : Opaque Red - Bronze Picasso