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TOHO One-G Thread 50 Yard Spool

TOHO One-G nylon beading thread is a tangle-free, fray-resistant nylon thread from TOHO that's suitable for all of your beadweaving projects. It is available in 22 popular colors in 50-yard, 125-yard, and 250-yard spools. The 50-yard spools displayed on this page are also available in irresistible 12-spool assortment packs that are perfectly organized in durable plastic cases.

PT-50-1 White
PT-50-2 Black
PT-50-3 Gray
PT-50-4 Beige
PT-50-5 Pink
PT-50-6 Burgundy
PT-50-7 Brown
PT-50-8 Sand Ash
PT-50-9 Lt Yellow
PT-50-10 Blue
PT-50-11 Purple
PT-50-12 Green
PT-50-13 Cream
PT-50-14 Lt Gray
PT-50-15 Orange
PT-50-16 Mauve
PT-50-17 Red
PT-50-18 Navy
PT-50-19 Lt Lavender
PT-50-20 Lt Khaki
PT-50-21 Mint Green
PT-50-22 Deep Green
PT-50-1001 12 Color Assortment Pack w/Case
PT-50-1002 12 Color Assortment Pack w/Case (2)