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TOHO One-G Thread 250 Yard Spool

One-G nylon beading thread is a tangle-free, fray-resistant nylon thread from TOHO that's suitable for all of your beadweaving projects. It is available in 22 popular colors in 50 yd, 125 yd, and 250 yd spools. The 50 yard spools are also available in irresistible 12-spool assortment packs that are perfectly organized in durable plastic cases.

PT-250-1 White
PT-250-2 Black
PT-250-3 Gray
PT-250-4 Beige
PT-250-5 Pink
PT-250-6 Burgundy
PT-250-7 Brown
PT-250-8 Sand Ash
PT-250-9 Lt Yellow
PT-250-10 Blue
PT-250-11 Purple
PT-250-12 Green
PT-250-13 Cream
PT-250-14 Lt Gray
PT-250-15 Orange
PT-250-16 Mauve
PT-250-17 Red
PT-250-18 Navy
PT-250-19 Lt Lavender
PT-250-20 Lt Khaki
PT-250-21 Mint Green
PT-250-22 Deep Green