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Round Beads 2mm

Round Beads 3mm

Round Beads 4mm

Round Beads 6mm

Top Hole Round 6mm

Round Beads 8mm

Round Beads 10mm

Round Beads 12mm

Prong 3/6mm

CzechMates Diamond 4x6.5mm

CzechMates Cabochon 7mm

CzechMates Beam 3/10mm

CzechMates Crescent 3/10mm

CzechMates QuadraLentil 6mm

CzechMates Bar 2/6mm

CzechMates QuadraTile 6mm

CzechMates Tile Bead 6mm

CzechMates Lentil 6mm

CzechMates Bricks 3/6mm

CzechMates Two Hole Daggers 5/16mm

CzechMates Triangle 6mm

GEMDUO 8x5mm

NIB-BIT 6/5mm

Stone Picasso Pressed Beads

Pressed - Short Hanks

Finial Half-Drilled Round Bead 2mm

Rondelle 3mm

Rondelle 4mm

Rondelle 6mm

Rondelle 8mm

Bicone 6 & 8mm

Leaves 10/5mm

Leaves 12/7mm

Leaves 14/9mm

Medium Leaves - 10/12 Vertical Hole

Large Vertical Leaves 15/12mm

Eucalyptus Leaves 12/9mm

Leaves - 8/10 Vertical Hole

Heart Leaves 10/10mm

Flat Leaves 18/13mm

Leaves 8/10mm

Mini Leaves 6/11mm

Vintage Style Leaves 12/8mm

Two-Hole Maple Leaves

Berry Leaves 9mm

Wavy Leaves 12/15mm

Leaves 9/12mm

Leaves 6/13mm

Stars 6mm

Stars 8mm

Stars 12mm

Small Angel Wings 10mm

Angel Wings 15mm

Tear Drops 5/10mm

Tear Drops 6/4mm

Tear Drops - AB 6/4mm

Lg. Tear Drops 8/6mm

Small Dime Beads 5mm

Dime Beads 8/3 mm

Cubes - 4mm

Cubes - 5/6mm

Cubes - 5/7mm

Cubes 5/5.5mm

Flowers 10/10

Flowers 8/4mm

Baby Bell Flowers 4/6mm

Bell Flowers 8/6mm

Flat Flowers 8/3mm

Flower Caps 5/5mm

Flower Spacer 5mm

Large Flower Spacer 7mm

Large Flat Flowers 16/4mm

Trumpet Flower 5/8mm

Trumpet Flower 8/13mm

Star Flower Cup 10mm

Two Hole Sunflowers 12mm

Rectangle Flower 20/8mm

Pinwheel Flowers 12mm

Three Petal Flower 10/12mm

Daisy Discs 9mm and 12mm

Flat Pansy 9mm

Tulips 12/8mm

Oval Clovers 9/10mm

Petals 6/8mm

Long Tubes 14/4mm

Fruit Beads - Flat

Fruit Beads - 3D

Grape Bunches 11/16mm

Diagonal Cubes 8mm

3-Sided Oval 7/5mm

Flat Rectangles 12/8mm

Twisted Flat Ovals 12/9mm

Cinnamon Buns 13mm

Rectangle Twists 6mm

Cross Beads 8/6mm

Pinch Beads 5/3mm

Letter Beads (White) 7mm

Eight Balls 8mm

Flat Squares 9mm

Rice Beads 6/4mm

Rice Beads 8/6mm

Nugget Spacers 4/6mm

Nuggets 6/8mm

Flattened Ovals

Pinched Diamond 10/8mm

Pinched Diamond 9/6mm

Dramatic Face Masks 13/11mm

Moon Faces 9mm

Tear Drops - Vertical Hole 9/6mm

Celtic Cross Ovals

Shells 9/9mm

Small Flat Squares 6mm

Shell 8/7mm

Beveled Ovals 10/9mm

Flat Nuggets 16/12mm

Sparkling Diamonds 7/6mm

Lentils 6mm

Dice 8mm

Frogs 17/16mm

Wedge Tablets 10/14mm

Vintage Czech Style Drops 8/15mm

Strung Pressed Bead Mixes

Mini Dagger Beads 2.5/6mm

Melons 3mm

Melons 4mm

Melons 5mm

Melons 6mm

Melons 8mm

Two Hole Bar 15/15mm

Ladybugs 9/7mm

Fish 7/14mm

Cat Faces 13mm

Turtles 19/14mm

Dagger Beads 3/10mm

Dagger Beads 5/16mm

Heart Beads 10/10mm

Hearts 4/4mm

Heart Beads 6/6mm

Heart Beads 8/8mm

Crackle Hearts 8/8mm

Donut Beads 6/2mm

Donut Beads 8/2.5mm

Roll Beads 6mm

Roll Beads 9mm

Feather Tubes 24/11mm

Duck Bills 9/18mm

Pear Shaped Drops 12/16mm

Lentil Oval 14mm

Glow in the Dark Beads

Flat Twists 17/11mm

Flat Oval Twist 13/8mm

Tear Drops 9/6mm

Rice Beads 11/9mm

Squiggles 27/12mm

Flowers 7/4mm

Rose Petals 14/13mm

Rose Petals 8/7mm

Button Style Flower

Pendant Drop 9/40mm

Large Flat Squares

Medallion Bead 25mm

Coin Beads

Super Unos 2/5mm

MiniDuo 2/4mm

Super Duos 2/5mm

Rulla 3x5mm

Rizo 2.5/6mm

Cushion Round 14mm

O-Bead 1x4mm

Matubo Seed Bead 8/0

Matubo Seed Bead 7/0

Matubo 3-Cut Seed Bead 6/0

Ring Beads 1x4mm

English Cut Rounds 3mm

English Cut Rounds 4mm

English Cut Rounds 6mm

Kidney Beads 6/8mm

Jumbo Kidney Nugget 15/17mm

Jumbo Kidney Nugget - Loose 15/17mm

Christmas Trees 17/7mm

Ladybugs 14/11mm

Skulls 12mm

Butterfly 12 mm - Vertical Hole

Monkeys 14mm


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