Why TOHO Seed Beads?

TOHO Beads was founded on November 3, 1951, in Hiroshima, Japan. Since then, TOHO has strived to improve techniques, as well as designed and created new equipment and facilities. When it comes to quality, TOHO is the #1 glass bead maker in the world, with the respect, cooperation, and understanding of clients around the world.

TOHO seed beads are easily spotted for their quality—one way to see is by looking at the shape of the bead hole. TOHO beads have the largest and most uniform hole out of all seed bead manufacturers. This is most obvious on larger seed beads, especially those that are shaped, like hex, cube, etc.

The holes on TOHO seed beads are designed to allow maximum hole capacity, while still maintaining bead integrity. Thread will nestle in corners of shaped bead holes in particular, which can help keep beads aligned in a pattern. Also, having a larger hole makes the beads lighter, which will get you more beads per kilo! See the difference of what we mean below.

TOHO 4mm Cubes vs. Competitor Cubes