Julianna Avelar

Starman TrendSetter Julianna Avelar

Term: 2016-2017
California United States
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Julianna C. Avelar GIA AJP, is a well-known mover and shaker in the creative lifestyle community. As an innovator, jewelry designer, author, business lifestyle expert, product developer, on air talent and social media celebrity Julianna has turned millions on to the joys of connecting creativity and self love through the art of artistic expression.

Julianna’s sincerity and compassion and her genuine enthusiasm for the creative arts have built a loyal viewing and shopping audience for over 20 years. Julianna became a household name in the creative industry with her thousands of appearances on shows such as TNN’s Aleene’s Creative Living, HGTV’s Carol Duvall Show, PBS Scrapbook Memories, DIY Scrapbooking, PBS Beads Baubles & Jewels, Shop at Home TV, Home Shopping Network, QVC and The Jewelry Television Network.

Julianna is often referred to in the craft industry as the “Fire Behind the Wire” because she was one of the first artists to see the possibilities of Artistic Wire as a craft trend and to develop products and projects to bring wire to the craft consumer. Julianna was elected by the Craft & Hobby Association to present the latest trends and wire working techniques at the Japan Hobby show in Tokyo, has penned eight insightful books on beading and wire working and has licensed several product lines in the craft, paper and jewelry industries. She is the inventor and patent holder of the hugely popular Jewel Loom ®, a portable beading loom which was featured as one of the Craft Industry’s Top 20 Hottest products in 2013. All of Julianna’s products can be found in retail stores through out the world and online.

Julianna also know as “Jewels” to friends and family is “mother” to Josh and Marlin Brando her constant companion Frenchie. She enjoys traveling, making jewelry, shopping, reading, kundalini yoga, long walks on the beach, fishing and being with friends and family.

In her own words, I am beyond grateful for each and every day that I wake up and am given another opportunity to live, love and laugh!