Site Features
Welcome to the newest version of our online, real-time catalog. We hope that our new additions will help streamline your bead purchasing experience. Most of our changes are aimed to improve our catalog to better meet the needs of high volume buyers. Please take a moment to learn more about our new features as well as how they can work for you.

Improved Site Navigation 

Our site is now easier to navigate than ever before. We have added even more navigation tools to our original layout to help you reach your intended destination including:

  • Expanding Catalog Trees -- Each catalog page has an easy to interpret tree at the top that tells you where you are in the catalog. This allows you to quickly move between categories, items, and search results.
  • "Show All" Buttons -- Show all buttons are located at the bottom of the category and search result pages next to the usual page numbers. This allows you to decide the amount of results to be viewed at one time.
  • Continue Shopping -- Continue shopping where you left off without confusion by using the continue shopping button located at the bottom of the shopping cart page. This will lead you back to the catalog page you were browsing.


This cart was designed to help with repetitive orders. This is a great option if you know what items you need and would like to place an order without having to use the catalog.

You can quickly add specific items and quantities to your cart by typing in the complete stock number followed by a comma and the quantity. Only valid numbers and quantities are accepted. Quantities entered incorrectly will be rounded up to the next increment.

Orders can also be uploaded to the shopping cart from an Excel spreadsheet or text document. This option can help you synchronize your own inventory management system with our stock numbers. Templates are available to guide you through the process.


We have built in customer user preferences to help you comfortably navigate the catalog and to help us customize your order process. Since our catalog relies heavily on the use of high quality graphics and user connections speeds vary, we have given you options to reduce/increase the size and frequency of graphics. For example, pictures of items are now available in the shopping cart. You can decide if you would like to view all pictures automatically, or mouse over the star icon to view them individually. Other Preferences that allow you to customize your order fulfillment process include:

  • Loose/Strung feature allows you to let us know what you prefer.
  • New Item Alert emails.

Hint: Please take a moment to customize your settings and be sure to check back regularly as more options will be available soon.

Improved Search 

Our new search engine now allows you to narrow your search to a single item number or broaden your search to every bead of a specific color, number, size, or keyword. Have fun and experiment with the many variations of search results you can come up with, or test out the example terms listed. For example, you can now search for all beads in the color Sapphire.

Hint: Some words may return many pages of results (ex. Flower, leaves). Using the view all feature at the bottom of the page will allow you to quickly scan all items.

Improved Order Status Tracking 
  • Interfaced with UPS/FedEx to quickly check shipping status.
  • Easy access to the post office delivery confirmation site.
  • Detailed records of past/current orders.

Out of Stock Alerts 

Keep track of the availability of you favorite beads by signing up for out of stock alerts. We will notify you by email as soon as each item is available for purchase.

To add an out of stock item to your list simply click on the "out of stock" link next to the item desired. A pop-up window will display the all out of stock colors for the item. Check the box next to the item and click the update button at the bottom of the window. To view your out of stock list, go to the customer service window and click on the "manage out of stock items" icon.

*We are now able to give you estimated back in-stock dates for some items. If the date is known, it will be displayed under the stock number of the out of stock item.