Product Catalog
TR-08-32 TOHO Round 8/0 : Silver-Lined Lemon
TR-11-32 TOHO Round 11/0 : Silver-Lined Lemon
TR-15-32 TOHO Round 15/0 : Silver-Lined Lemon
TT-01-32 TOHO Treasure #1 Transparent Silver-Lined Lemon
F925-S1209 Starman Sterling Silver Essentials : Circle Earwire
F925-S2189 Sterling Silver Findings : Vertical "Mom" Link 32 x 11.5mm
F925-S2218 Sterling Silver Findings : Ethnic Centerpiece with 6mm Bezel 37.5 x 32mm
F925-Z235 Starman Sterling Silver : Egyptian Person w/ Walking Stick Charm 32 x 15mm
F925-Z2758 Starman Sterling Silver : Ear Cuff, Fairy 32 x 14mm
F925-Z3066 Starman Sterling Silver Essentials : Hammered Rectangle Link with Loops 32 x 5.5mm