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GEMDUO 8x5mm
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GEMDUO 8x5mm

Crystal NEW
Opaque Olive - Bronze Picasso
Luster - Opaque Amethyst
Crystal - Copper-Lined
Crystal - Gold-Lined
Twilight - Aquamarine
Apollo - Gold
Matte - Crystal
Blue Turquoise NEW
Matte - Apollo - Gold NEW
Crystal - Silver-Lined
Blue Turquoise - Bronze Picasso
Opaque Blue
Crystal - Vitral NEW
Blue Turquoise - Picasso
Opaque Olive NEW
Twilight - Crystal NEW
Luster - Stone Green
Crystal AB
Matte - Apollo - Turquoise
Opaque Luster - Picasso
Crystal - Celsian NEW
Turquoise - Bronze Picasso
Luster - Opaque Green
Matte - Metallic Gold Iris
Pink/Topaz Luster - Turquoise
Matte - Ultra Luster - Green
Matte - Metallic Gold Copper Iris
Opaque Turquoise - Picasso
Ultra Luster - Opaque Green
Matte - Metallic Bronze Iris
Luster - Opaque Rose/Gold Topaz
Matte - Metallic Leather
Opaque Yellow - Bronze Picasso
Metallic Suede - Purple
Matte - Metallic Silver
Siam Ruby - Vega
Metallic Suede - Dk Purple
Matte - Metallic Flax
Luster - Ruby
Metallic Suede - Blue
Matte - Metallic Aztec Gold
Opaque Red
Metallic Suede - Dk Blue
Matte - Metallic Antique Gold
Bronze Luster - Opaque Red
Metallic Suede - Lt Green NEW
Matte - Metallic Antique Copper
Opaque Red - Picasso
Metallic Suede - Dk Forest
Matte - Metallic Lava
Umber NEW
Metallic Suede - Gold
Opaque White
Metallic Suede - Dk Green
Opaque White - Picasso
Matte - Hematite
Matte - Apollo - Umber NEW
Luster - Opaque Champagne
Polychrome - Copper Rose
Dk Bronze
Polychrome - Black Currant
Matte - Apollo - Jet
Matte - Dk Bronze
Polychrome - Orchid Aqua
Jet - Bronze Picasso
Luster - Opaque Blue
Polychrome - Olive Mauve
Matte - Jet
Metallic Green NEW
Polychrome - Aqua Teal
Jet - Picasso
Luster - Opaque Pink NEW
Polychrome - Indigo Orchid
Cobalt NEW
Luster - Transparent Gold/Smokey Topaz
Polychrome - Pink Olive
Cobalt - Picasso NEW
Luster - Opaque Gold/Smoky Topaz
Polychrome - Gold Rush
Opaque Blue - Picasso
Luster - Transparent Amethyst
Polychrome - Rose
Luster - Metallic Amethyst
Opaque Olive - Bronze Vega
Emerald NEW
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