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Cushion Round 14mm
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Cushion Round 14mm

ColorTrends: Transparent Riverside
Sueded Gold Rosaline
Sueded Gold Milky Pink
ColorTrends: Transparent Airy Blue
Sueded Gold Jonquil
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Airy Blue
ColorTrends: Transparent Lush Meadow
Sueded Gold Hyacinth
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Aurora Red
ColorTrends: Transparent Spicy Mustard
Sueded Gold Lamé Hyacinth
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Bodacious
ColorTrends: Transparent Sharkskin
Sueded Gold Ruby
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Dusty Cedar
ColorTrends: Transparent Aurora Red
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Sangria
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Riverside
ColorTrends: Transparent Potter's Clay
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Peach
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Lush Meadow
ColorTrends: Transparent Bodacious
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Sand
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Spicy Mustard
ColorTrends: Transparent Warm Taupe
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Orchid
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Sharkskin
ColorTrends: Transparent Dusty Cedar
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Lavender
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Potter's Clay
Sueded Gold Smoky Topaz
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Magenta
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Warm Taupe
Sueded Gold Med Amethyst
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Azure
Sueded Gold Crystal
Sueded Gold Tanzanite
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Arctic Blue
Sueded Gold Lamé
Sueded Gold Sapphire
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Teal
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Blue
Sueded Gold Black Diamond
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Chartruese
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Turquoise
Sueded Gold Olivine
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Terra Cotta
Polychrome - Blue Aqua
Sueded Gold Peridot
ColorTrends: Satin Metallic Rouge
Polychrome - Olive Mauve
Sueded Gold Capri Blue
ColorTrends: Pop - Powder
Polychrome - Orchid Aqua
Sueded Gold Turquoise
ColorTrends: Pop - Bottle
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