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CzechMates Lentil 6mm
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CzechMates Lentil 6mm

Crystal - Picasso
Halo - Madder Rose
Crystal AB
Halo - Regal
ColorTrends: Transparent Riverside
Lemon - Celsian
Halo - Shadows
ColorTrends: Transparent Airy Blue
Matte - Luster Iris - Custard
Halo – Ultramarine
ColorTrends: Transparent Lush Meadow
Siam Ruby
Halo - Azurite
ColorTrends: Transparent Spicy Mustard
Siam Ruby - Vega
Halo - Heavens
ColorTrends: Transparent Sharkskin
Opaque Red
Halo - Linen
ColorTrends: Transparent Aurora Red
Opaque Red - Picasso
ColorTrends: Transparent Potter's Clay
Opaque Red - Black Picasso
Navy - Vega
ColorTrends: Transparent Bodacious
Luster - Opaque Beige
Matte - Navy
ColorTrends: Transparent Warm Taupe
Sueded Gold Lame' Opaque Lt Beige
Ashen Gray - Copper Picasso
ColorTrends: Transparent Dusty Cedar
Opaque Lt Beige - Picasso
Matte - Ashen Gray
Color Trends: Transparent Razzmatazz
Opaque Beige
Ashen Gray - Moon Dust
Matte - Metallic Flax
Beige - Bronze Picasso
Matte - Rosaline Luster - Ashen Gray
Matte - Metallic Aztec Gold
Beige - Copper Picasso
Sueded Gold Ashen Gray
Matte - Metallic Goldenrod
Sueded Gold Opaque Beige
Ashen Gray - Picasso
Matte - Metallic Copper
Beige - Picasso
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Grenadine NEW
Matte - Honeydew
ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Tawny Port NEW
Umber - Picasso
Honeydew - Moon Dust
Pacifica - Watermelon
Chocolate Brown
Luster - Honeydew - Picasso
Pacifica - Strawberry
Matte - Chocolate Brown
Milky Aqua - Celsian
Pacifica - Elderberry
Luster - Chocolate Brown - Picasso
Rosaline Luster - Milky Peridot
Pacifica - Tangerine
Matte - Rosaline Luster - Milky Peridot
Pacifica - Avocado
Matte - Hematite
Milky Peridot - Celsian
Luster - Opaque Champagne
Milky Turquoise - Copper Picasso
Pacifica - Macadamia
Dk Bronze
Pink/Topaz Luster - Milky Turquoise
Topaz AB
Opaque White/Tortoise - Celsian
Opaque Pale Turquoise - Star Dust
Pacifica - Poppy Seed
Luster - Transparent Topaz/Pink
Opaque Pale Turquoise - Picasso
Pacifica - Fig
Luster - Transparent Gold/Smokey Topaz
Luster - Opaque Green
Pacifica - Ginger
Luster - Opaque Gold/Smoky Topaz
Ultra Luster - Opaque Green
Pacifica - Honeydew
Luster - Transparent Amethyst
Luster - Opaque Rose/Gold Topaz
Luster - Metallic Amethyst
Milky Pink
Pink Luster 1/2 Coat - Alexandrite
Luster - Opaque Amethyst
Milky Pink - Bronze Picasso
Milky Amethyst - Celsian
Milky Pink - Copper Picasso
Tanzanite - Celsian
Matte - Iris - Brown
Milky Pink - Picasso
Matte - Iris - Blue
Milky Pink - Celsian
Apollo - Jet
Matte - Iris - Green
Metallic Suede - Purple
Matte - Jet
Iris - Brown
Metallic Suede - Blue
Jet - Picasso
Iris - Blue
Metallic Suede - Lt Green
Jet AB
Iris - Green
Metallic Suede - Gold
Iris - Purple
Sueded Gold Crystal
Pearl Coat - Snow
Metallic Suede - Dk Green
Copper - Olivine
Pearl Coat - Brown Sugar
Metallic Suede - Pink
Sueded Gold Olivine
Pearl Coat - Flamingo
Milky Jonquil - Celsian
Sueded Gold Green Turquoise
Pearl Coat - Baby Blue
Peacock - Opaque Olive
Pearl Coat - Teal
Chartreuse - Bronze Picasso
Opaque Olive - Picasso
Pearl Coat - Silver
Chartreuse - Copper Picasso
Sueded Gold Aquamarine
Pearl Coat - Purple Velvet
Chartreuse - Picasso
Aquamarine - Celsian
Pearl Coat - Steel Blue
Peacock - Milky Baby Blue
Pearl Coat - Olive
Opaque Sunflower Yellow
Matte - Opaque Pale Turquoise - Moon Dust
Pearl Coat - Bistre
Sunflower Yellow - Picasso
Pearl Coat - Charcoal
Sueded Gold Dk Opaque Red
Turquoise - Bronze Picasso
Pearl Coat - Cream
Polychrome - Black Currant
Turquoise - Copper Picasso
Polychrome - Orchid Aqua
Sueded Gold Turquoise
Apollo - Gold
Polychrome - Olive Mauve
Opaque Turquoise - Picasso
Matte - Apollo - Gold
Polychrome - Aqua Teal
Persian Turquoise
Halo - Sandalwood
Polychrome - Indigo Orchid
Persian Turquoise - Moon Dust
Halo - Cardinal
Chocolate Brown - Matte Bronze Vega
Halo - Cherub
Navy - Matte Vega
Rosaline - Moon Dust
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