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TOHO - Bugle #0 (2mm)

TOHO Bugle Beads are long cylindrical beads and are oftentimes used in the clothing industry. These beads can either be smooth or have a twist. Unlike the Czech glass bugle beads these will not cut the thread.

TB-00-22C TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Silver-Lined Topaz
TB-00-23B TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Silver-Lined Dk Aqua
TB-00-37 TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Silver-Lined Olivine
TB-00-44 TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Opaque Sour Apple
TB-00-52 TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Opaque Lavender
TB-00-52/c TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Opaque Lavender
TB-00-55 TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Opaque Turquoise
TB-00-173 TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Dyed-Rainbow Lemon Mist
TB-00-222 TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Dk Bronze
TB-00-301 TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Inside-Color Lt Topaz/Peach-Lined
TB-00-301/c TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Inside-Color Lt Topaz/Peach-Lined
TB-00-302 TOHO Bugle #0 (2mm) : Inside-Color Jonquil/Apricot-Lined