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Fire-Polish 2mm

Fire polished beads are one of the most essential components of jewelry making. These popular beads are loved by many for their timeless look and sparkle. Discover exquisitely crafted fire-polish beads in a vast range of shapes and colors in 2mm. This size is perfect for using as spacer beads, fringe or edges, and even as bezeling around larger beads.

1-02-270 24K Gold Plated
1-02-275 Copper Penny
1-02-0003 Crystal
1-02-X0003 Crystal AB
1-02-K0161 Matte - Metallic Gold Iris
1-02-K0162 Matte - Metallic Gold Copper Iris
1-02-K0164 Matte - Metallic Bronze Iris
1-02-K0171 Matte - Metallic Flax
1-02-K0174 Matte - Metallic Antique Gold
1-02-K0175 Matte - Metallic Antique Copper
1-02-K0178 Matte - Metallic Bronze Copper
1-02-K0189 Matte - Metallic Lava
1-02-04B01 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Grenadine
1-02-04B02 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Tawny Port
1-02-04B03 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Ballet Slipper
1-02-04B04 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Butterum
1-02-04B05 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Navy Peony
1-02-04B06 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Neutral Gray
1-02-04B07 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Shaded Spruce
1-02-04B08 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Golden Lime
1-02-04B09 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Marina
1-02-04B10 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Autumn Maple
1-02-05A01 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Emperador
1-02-05A02 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Almost Mauve
1-02-05A03 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Meadowlark
1-02-05A04 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Arcadia
1-02-05A05 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Little Boy Blue
1-02-05A06 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Super Violet
1-02-05A07 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Blooming Dahlia
1-02-05A08 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Cherry Tomato
1-02-05A09 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Lime Punch
1-02-05A10 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Spring Crocus
1-02-06B01 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Red Pear
1-02-06B02 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Valiant Poppy
1-02-06B03 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Nebulas Blue
1-02-06B04 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Ceylon Yellow
1-02-06B05 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Martini Olive
1-02-06B06 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Russet Orange
1-02-06B07 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Ultra Violet
1-02-06B08 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Crocus Petal
1-02-06B09 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Limelight
1-02-06B10 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Quetzal Green
1-02-07B02 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Bluestone
1-02-07B07 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Evening Blue
1-02-07B09 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Cranberry
1-02-07B10 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Merlot
1-02-08A01 Firepolish 2mm : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Ash Rose
1-02-08A02 Firepolish 2mm : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Lantana
1-02-08A03 Firepolish 2mm : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Orchid
1-02-08A04 Firepolish 2mm : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Fuchsia Red
1-02-08A05 Firepolish 2mm : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Cloud Dream
1-02-08A06 Firepolish 2mm : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Fern
1-02-08A07 Firepolish 2mm : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Samba Red
1-02-08A08 Firepolish 2mm : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Provence
1-02-08A09 Firepolish 2mm : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Lily Pad
1-02-08A10 Firepolish 2mm : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Blackened Pearl
1-02-PS1001 Pacifica - Watermelon
1-02-PS1002 Pacifica - Strawberry
1-02-PS1003 Pacifica - Elderberry
1-02-PS1004 Pacifica - Tangerine
1-02-PS1005 Pacifica - Avocado
1-02-PS1006 Pacifica - Macadamia
1-02-PS1007 Pacifica - Poppy Seed
1-02-PS1008 Pacifica - Fig
1-02-PS1009 Pacifica - Ginger
1-02-PS1010 Pacifica - Honeydew
1-02-MSG1023 Sueded Gold Smoky Topaz
1-02-MSG2004 Sueded Gold Med Amethyst
1-02-2051 Tanzanite
1-02-L2051 Luster - Tanzanite
1-02-LR2051 Luster Iris - Tanzanite
1-02-MSG2051 Sueded Gold Tanzanite
1-02-2398 Jet
1-02-BT2398 Jet - Bronze Picasso
1-02-M2398 Matte - Jet
1-02-X2398 Jet AB
1-02-3005 Sapphire
1-02-L3005 Luster - Sapphire
1-02-LR3005 Luster Iris - Sapphire
1-02-MSG3005 Sueded Gold Sapphire
1-02-PT3005 Pink/Topaz Luster - Sapphire
1-02-MSG4001 Sueded Gold Black Diamond
1-02-5023 Olivine
1-02-L5023 Luster - Olivine
1-02-LR5023 Luster Iris - Olivine
1-02-MSG5023 Sueded Gold Olivine
1-02-MSG5050 Sueded Gold Peridot
1-02-K5203 Mirror - Orchid
1-02-K5308 Mirror - Denim
1-02-K5507 Mirror - Fern Green
1-02-K5513 Mirror - Teal
1-02-K5903 Mirror - Fuchsia
1-02-MSG6008 Sueded Gold Capri Blue
1-02-6313 Turquoise
1-02-BT6313 Turquoise - Bronze Picasso
1-02-LR6313 Luster Iris - Turquoise
1-02-M6313 Matte - Turquoise
1-02-MSG6313 Sueded Gold Turquoise
1-02-T6313 Turquoise - Picasso
1-02-MSG7010 Sueded Gold Rosaline
1-02-MSG8010 Sueded Gold Jonquil
1-02-MLR8312 Matte - Luster Iris - Custard
1-02-B9004 Bronze – Hyacinth
1-02-LR9004 Luster Iris - Hyacinth
1-02-MSG9004 Sueded Gold Hyacinth
1-02-SGL9004 Sueded Gold Lamé Hyacinth
1-02-9008 Siam Ruby
1-02-LR9008 Luster Iris - Ruby
1-02-MSG9008 Sueded Gold Ruby
1-02-13060 Antique Beige
1-02-LR13060 Luster Iris - Antique Beige
1-02-14400 Hematite
1-02-14413 Luster - Transparent Champagne
1-02-P14413 Luster - Opaque Champagne
1-02-14415 Dk Bronze
1-02-M14415 Matte - Dk Bronze
1-02-P14415 Luster - Opaque Lilac
1-02-R14415 Bronze Luster Iris - Opaque Red
1-02-14435 Luster
1-02-14464 Luster - Transparent Blue
1-02-15226 Mirror - Cranberry
1-02-15495 Luster - Transparent Topaz/Pink
1-02-15695 Luster - Transparent Gold/Smokey Topaz
1-02-15726 Luster - Transparent Denim Blue
1-02-B15726 Luster - Metallic Amethyst
1-02-15765 Oxidized Bronze
1-02-15768 Oxidized Bronze Clay
1-02-P15780 Luster - Opaque Bronzed Smoke
1-02-LR21010 Luster Iris - Milky Amethyst
1-02-M21010 Matte - Milky Amethyst
1-02-T21010 Milky Amethyst - Picasso
1-02-Z21010 Milky Amethyst - Celsian
1-02-21115 Matte - Iris - Brown
1-02-21135 Matte - Iris - Blue
1-02-21195 Matte - Iris - Purple
1-02-21415 Iris - Brown
1-02-21435 Iris - Blue
1-02-21495 Iris - Purple
1-02-23030 Opaque Purple
1-02-LR23030 Luster Iris - Opaque Lt Amethyst
1-02-T23030 Opaque Amethyst - Picasso
1-02-26201 Gold 1/2
1-02-27000 Silver
1-02-33070 Navy Blue
1-02-LR33070 Luster Iris - Navy Blue
1-02-T33070 Navy Blue - Picasso
1-02-LR52060 Luster Iris - Atlantis Green
1-02-P65401 Opaque Luster - Picasso
1-02-65431 Luster - Transparent Green
1-02-P65431 Luster - Opaque Green
1-02-P65455 Ultra Luster - Opaque Green
1-02-65491 Luster - Rose/Gold Topaz
1-02-P65491 Luster - Opaque Rose/Gold Topaz
1-02-M71010 Matte - Milky Pink
1-02-MSG71010 Sueded Gold Milky Pink
1-02-X71010 Milky Pink AB
1-02-Z71010 Milky Pink - Celsian
1-02-77056 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Hazelnut
1-02-77057 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Pale Dogwood
1-02-77058 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Primrose Yellow
1-02-77059 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Kale
1-02-77060 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Island Paradise
1-02-77061 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Niagara
1-02-77062 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Pink Yarrow
1-02-77063 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Flame
1-02-77064 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Greenery
1-02-77065 ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Lapis Blue
1-02-79021 Metallic Suede - Purple
1-02-79031 Metallic Suede - Blue
1-02-79032 Metallic Suede - Dk Blue
1-02-79051 Metallic Suede - Lt Green
1-02-79052 Metallic Suede - Dk Forest
1-02-79080 Metallic Suede - Gold
1-02-79080CR Sueded Gold Crystal
1-02-79081CR Sueded Gold Lamé
1-02-79082 Metallic Suede - Dk Green
1-02-79083 Metallic Suede - Dk Plum
1-02-79086 Metallic Suede - Pink
1-02-S9C0003 Flash Pearl - Crystal
1-02-90215 Bronze
1-02-S9C1023 Flash Pearl - Smoky Topaz
1-02-S9C2004 Flash Pearl - Med. Amethyst
1-02-S9C2051 Flash Pearl - Tanzanite
1-02-S9C3005 Flash Pearl - Sapphire
1-02-B93210 Patina - Copper Bronze
1-02-S9C4001 Flash Pearl - Black Diamond
1-02-94101 Polychrome - Black Currant
1-02-94102 Polychrome - Orchid Aqua
1-02-94103 Polychrome - Olive Mauve
1-02-94104 Polychrome - Aqua Teal
1-02-S9C5023 Flash Pearl - Olivine
1-02-S9C5050 Flash Pearl - Peridot
1-02-S9C6008 Flash Pearl - Capri Blue
1-02-S9C6313 Flash Pearl - Turquoise
1-02-S9C7010 Flash Pearl - Rosaline
1-02-S9C8010 Flash Pearl - Jonquil
1-02-S9C9004 Flash Pearl - Hyacinth
1-02-S9C9008 Flash Pearl - Siam Ruby
1-02-YM0300 Matte - Luster - Opaque Bronzed Smoke
1-02-Y2398 Jet - Bronze Vega
1-02-YM2398 Jet - Matte Bronze Vega
1-02-YM9320 Matte - Oxidized Bronze Opaque Red
1-02-S9C71010 Flash Pearl - Milky Pink