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Medium Star

Textured Rondell Spacer

Large Patterned Barrel

Fleur Disc

Rosebud Round

Rondell Spacer



Large Bali Tube

Letter Bead


Large Lacy Heart

Diamond Dice

Flat Rose

Rope Spacer

Southwestern Square

Abstract Disc

Coil Spacer



Barrell Tube


Hex Tube

Daisy Spacer

Bali Latern

Stacked Butterfly

Nouveau Tube

Ridged Barrel

Large Saturn

Ridged Spacer

Flower Band

Banded Tube

Floral Diamond

Decorative Barrel

Heart Banded Donut

Puffed Flower

Decorative Oval


Relief Rose

Bicone with Flower

Roped Bicone

Five Petal Flower

Large Mushroom Bicone

Thin Bali Tube

Wide Bali Tube

Six Petal Flower

Tire Disc

Cupid Charm

Small Butterfly

Round Bead

Crow Bead


French Knot

Large Bumpy Round


Spiderweb Disc

Beaded Ring

Banded Oval

Large Bali Ring

Water Lily Round

Bumpy Saucer

Geometric Bicone

Ridged Ball

Patterned Barrel

Textured Barrel

Medium Five Petal Flower


Faceted Round

Faceted Rondell

Filagree Ovaled Rectangle

Saturn Oval

Banded Hex

Faceted Tube

Large Melon

Textured Oval

Fluted Ball

Flat Saturn Disc

Banded Tube

Country Oval

Six Petal Flower

Mini Leaves

Sun Star

Double Heart w/ Kisses

Stacked Heart

Bicone Connecter

Large Flowered Oval

Large Patterned Barrel

Patterned Rectangle

Southwestern Diamond

Crowned Barrel


Decorative Braid

Rope Patterned Tube

Faceted Connector

Faceted Bicone

Mirrorball Connector

Patterned Disc

Leaf Charm

Key Charm

Barrel Connector

Crystal Cube

Spacer Tube

Rice Oval


Disc Spacer

Banded Drop Charm

Treasure Chest Tube

Rice Connector

Round Ridged Cushion

Swirl Barrel

Roped Bicone

Four Leaf Square

Dotted Ring Spacer

Ribbed Bicone

Banded Bicone

Lion Charm

Elephant Charm

Sunshine Charm

Dolphin Charm

Small Angel

Teddy Bear Charm

Flat Drop


Sunshine Medallion

Button Style Medallion

Hobnail Bicone

Jester Bicone


Berry Leaf Rectangle

Turtle Charm

Ridged Oval

Cinnamon Swirl

Leaf Charm

Beveled Square

Flower Print Oval

Embossed Flower Round


Rounded Corner Cube

Patterned Lantern

Faceted Nugget


Indian Style Barrel

Indian Style Bicone

Indian Style Lantern

Indian Style Tube

Faceted Donut

Asymetric Washer

Pillow Heart


Twisted Rectangle 20mm

Multi Petal Flower

Hexahedron 18mm

Flower Donut

Textured Flat Square

Asymmetric Oval 20/15


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