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Adding Custom Labels to Your Order
We now offer custom label printing with orders. This saves you time and money by allowing you to immediately process your order when you receive it. We guarantee that these labels will not rip or smudge, even when applied to directly around strands.


Step 1)

Create your order as you normally do by adding items into your shopping cart.

Step 2)

Click on the "Add Custom Labels" like from the shopping cart.

Step 3)

*Fill in the label information.

  • By default, no labels will be printed for your order. Check the box to have labels printed for the specified item.
  • Enter the number of labels per unit that will print. For example, lets say you need if you need labels for each strand. Since know that 1 mass has 24 strands for fire polish 4mm then you would enter "24" into the # of labels per Mass box. If you order 1/2 mass then the system will automatically calculate that you need 12 labels.
  • The rest of the data pertains to the actual label. Click on the "Label Formats" link to see which labels are possible. Select a label format+ that meets your needs.
  • Fill in the Quantity, Unit, Currency, Price, Item Code, Barcode, Description, and Custom Text that you want to appear on the label.

Step 4)

Click on the "Add to Cart" to complete your label request.

Step 5)

Now continue processing the order as you would normally. Your labels will be printed once the order is processed. Labels for out of stock items will not be billed or printed.

*For advanced users

If you have a lot of items that require labels, you may save a lot of time by using the Excel export/import.

Instead of Step 3 above, use the Export button and save the cart data to your computer. Using Excel you can modify the data at batch and then reimport the file to the server. To do so, click "Browse" and find the modified Excel file on your computer. Click "Open" and then click "Import From Excel". Notice that the data in your cart is updated. Note that you can only modify label data. Any other modifications (order qty, price, etc) are rejected.

+Different Label Formats

If you require a different label format using the 2" x 0.5" label size, please give us a call; we'll ba happy to work with you to design your own label format.

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