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The Catalog

The catalog may be accessed in a variety of ways listed below.

  • By clicking the Catalog link from the Main Menu. This will take the customer to a listing of categories. There are also links to New Items and Specials. Once you have selected category by clicking on the image, items within the category appear. Clicking on the item image will reveal a listing of colors/styles available for that particular item. Pricing only appears if you have logged into the website. Otherwise, a link to login or sign up is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • The main page may also have direct links to the categories, specific items, or special offers.
  • To search the catalog, follow the Search link from the Main Menu. Simply enter a key word or words and click search. Refer to the site layout section for information on searching the site.


Access to pricing requires you to be registered with the site. To register, click the Register With Us link from the Customer Service page. Accounts are extended only to licensed businesses and therefore we require a resale number. Customers outside the United States need not supply this number. States that do not collect sales tax, and therefore do not use sales tax ids may supply a business license number. All accounts are verified manually and are subject to approval. Please note the intial minimum order of $250.

The above screenshot shows the layout of pricing for a given price group. All colors within a price group have the same price. Desired quantities should be entered into the open box to the left of the color/style. In the above example, if the desired quantity was 1/2 Mass the quantity entered would be ".25" with Mass selected. Notice the text at the bottom of each price group indicates the minimum order of each color from the group and the increment.

Price Discounts

Discounts are available for larger quantities. These discounts are reflected in the pricing structure and are automatically applied in the shopping cart. Please see the example below:

In the example above, each piece costs $0.36 with a Dozen piece minimum purchase. Purchasing 50 pieces in any specific color reduces the per-piece cost to $0.30. In some cases (as above) a mix price may be listed (signified by an * next to the price). This means that that a mix of the quantity indicated (100 pieces in the example) will yield the mix price.

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