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Rectangles 12/8mm - Milky Amethyst .25M
Flat Leaves 14/9mm - Black Diamond .5M
Firepolish 6mm : Lt. Topaz/Amethyst .25M
Twisted Flat Oval 11/9mm - Crystal/White/Amethyst .25M
Cocoon 12x10 mm : Persimmon - Coral 204 pcs
Flowers 16/4mm : Alexandrite AB .25M
Firepolish Bicone 4/4mm - Topaz AB .5M
Tulips 11/8 mm : HurriCane Crystal/Red .25 M
Flowers 11mm : Crystal/Pink/Amethyst/Red .25M
Flat Oval 8/6mm - Milky Dark Peridot .25M
Bicone 6/6 mm : HurriCane Crystal Amethyst .25 M
Leaves 13/10mm : Matte Green AB .25M
Saturn 9mm : Siam Opal .25M
Pansy 9 mm : HurriCane Crystal/Dark Amethyst .25 M
Tear Drops 10/6mm : Medium Topaz AB .5M
Wave Beads 12/8mm : Siam Ruby .25m
Rondelle 10/5 mm : Luster Opaque Blue .50 M
Tear Drops 10/6mm : Sapphire Blue AB .5M
Indented Hearts 8mm : Milky White .25m
Bicone 6/5 mm : HurriCane Milky Pink/Amethyst .25 M
Sided Ovals 14/7mm : Opaque White Picasso .25M
8mm Round - Crystal Picasso .25M
Twisted Cylinders 9/6 mm : HurriCane Crystal/Red/Hyacinth .25 M
Twisted Tubes 18/7mm : Emerald .25M
Indented Hearts 8mm : Topaz .25m
Small Ovals 8/6 mm : HurriCane Crystal/Lt. Orange Swirl .25 M
Flowers 12mm : Aquamarine .25M
Cubes 6/7mm : Crystal .25m
Shells 9 mm : HurriCane Blue/Grey/White .25 M
Vertical Drops 14/8mm : White .25M
Indented Hearts 8mm : Alexandrite .25m
Fists of Fury 15/8 mm : HurriCane Amethyst/Jet/Topaz .25 M
Firepolish 6mm : HurriCane Crystal/White .25M
Flat Ovals 8/6mm - HurriCane - Hyacinth/Sapphire .25M
Flat Rectangles 12/8 mm : HurriCane Tiger Eye .25 M
Rondelle 12/7mm : Luster Opaque Blue .25M
4mm Cubes - Aquamarine 1M
Twisted Cylinders 9/6 mm : HurriCane Pink/White/Red .25 M
Round Beads 4mm : Milky White .5M
4mm Cubes - Black Diamond 1M
Twisted Cylinders 9/6 mm : HurriCane Tanzanite/Crystal/Red .25 M
Flat Oval 20/8mm : Med. Sapphire
Eucalyptus Leaves 12/9mm : Four Seasons Mix .25M
Flowers 11 mm : HurriCane Red/White/Blue/Pink .25 M
Nugget 18/14mm : Dk Smoky Topaz
Pillow Square 10/10mm - HurriCane - Sahara Sunset .25M
Pansy 9 mm : HurriCane Blackberry/Strawberry Creme .25 M
Nugget 15/12mm : Lt. Peach
QB : Oval Lentils 15/11mm - Siam Ruby
Shells 9 mm : HurriCane Green/Blue .25 M
Scored Rice 12/9mm : Opaque White
Cubes 4mm : Teal AB 1M
Rice Beads 8/6 mm : HurriCane Crystal/Amethyst .25 M
Textured Ellipsoid 12/9mm : Opaque - Dk Beige
Nugget 23/19mm : Tangerine
3 Sided Drops 13/9 mm : HurriCane Crystal/Amethyst .25 M
Rectangle 12/8mm : Jet - Picasso 120pcs
Nugget 15/12mm : Tangerine 168pcs
Shells 9 mm : HurriCane Red/Jet/Topaz .25 M
Puffed Ovals 24/16mm : Milky White 54pcs
Indented Hearts 8mm : Olivine .25m
Egyptian Eye Ovals 13/9mm : HurriCane Blue/Crystal/White .25M
Rice Bead 16/9mm : Milky White
Drops 7/11mm : Crystal/White .25
Egyptian Eye Ovals 13/9mm : HurriCane Crystal/Topaz/Blue/Amethyst/Red .25M
Jumbo Kidney Nugget 15/17mm : Milky White
Flat Drops 11/16mm : Crystal/Beige .25
Small Ovals 8/6mm : HurriCane Brown/Olivine/Amethyst .25M
Flattened Oval 17/8mm : Alexandrite .25m
Flat Leaves 14/9mm - Smoky Topaz .5M
Sided Ovals 8/4mm : HurriCane Crystal/Orange .25M
Flattened Oval 17/8mm : Milky Pink - Moon Dust
Flat Oval 12/10mm - Brown/White .25M
Sided Tubes 23/8mm : Sapphire .25M
Pressed Bead 28/15mm : Gold - Hot Pink
Nuggets 7/8mm : Amethyst .25M
Shells 9mm : HurriCane Red/Blue/Crystal .25M
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