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Nuggets 10/13mm : Milky Green .25m
Cubes 8/11mm : Persimmon - Coral
Rectangles 4/7mm: Vitral - Milky Sapphire
Nuggets 10/13mm : Amethyst .25m
Pinched Diamond 7/5mm : Crystal/Pink
Flat Leaves 14/9mm : Topaz
Nuggets 8/10mm : Milky Carmel
Cylinders 8mm : Luster Milky Champagne 1/2 Coat
Flat Shells 14/14mm : Crystal/White
Nuggets 10/13mm : Milky Pink .25m
Wavy Rondelle 9mm : Med. Sapphire
Flat Ovals 10/8mm : Milky Lt. Amethyst
Nugget 10/13mm : Milky Caramel .25m
Spiral Rondelle 11/5mm : Country Blue
Rectangle Twists 5mm : Opaque - Lt. Blue/White
Nugget 8/10mm : Milky Sapphire
Ruffled Rondelle 12mm : Amethyst
Flat Drop 11x10 mm : Lt. Topaz/Cream 216pcs
Nugget 10/13mm : Milky Sapphire
Shells 14mm : Coral Green
Rice Beads 7/5mm : Matte - Yellow/Navy
Leaves 5/10mm : Mandarin Seascape Mix
Bow Ties 16/13mm : Olivine
Rice Beads 9/6mm : Montana Blue
Small Tear Drops : Rainier Mix
Pointy Drop 10/5mm : Baby Blue Coral
Asymmetric Dime 15mm : Blue/Green
Flat Diamond 14mm - Crystal Amethyst
Shells 9mm : Emerald
Pineapple Textured Ovals 14/10mm : Luster Iris - Lt. Grey
Flat Oval 20/8mm - Blue w/Black Swirl
Triangle Nugget Spacers 4mm : Matte - Ruby AB
Trumpet Flower 6/9mm : Lt. Topaz
Puffed Octagon 18/12mm - Crystal/Beige
Dimpled Round 7mm : Matte - Aquamarine AB
Koi Fish 24/11mm : Hyacinth AB
Leaves 12/7mm : Rosaline
Daggers 12/5mm : Lt. Tanzanite
Beveled Ovals 14/12mm : Vitral - Olivine
Two Hole Dime Beads 8mm - Opaque Red
Indented Triangles 5mm : Milky White
Triangle Drops 14/9mm : Milky White/Amethyst Striped
Flat Triangle Drop 3/12mm : Green w/Black
Leaves 10/5mm : Milky White
Beveled Diamond Barrels 6/4mm : Opaque Green
Kidney 6/8mm : Milky Caramel
Rectangles 8/10mm : Crystal
Braided Discs 14mm : Crystal
Round Beads 10mm : Milky Topaz
Rondelles 5mm : Crystal
Braided Discs 14mm : Crystal AB
Round Beads 10mm : Milky Caramel
Dimpled Discs 6mm : Matte - Crystal AB
Nouveau Button Style Disc 13mm : Crystal
Hearts with Indented Stars 12/14mm: Bliss Mix (.125M)
Nugget 11/9mm : Amethyst/Crystal
Nouveau Button Style Disc 13mm : Matte - Jet AB
Indented Stars 16mm : Vivacious Mix
Pyramid 8/7mm : Matte - Jonquil Tortoise - AB (Loose)
Beveled Diamond Oval 18/12mm : Peridot
Rice Beads 12/6mm : Opaque Lt. Luster Green
Flat Drops 7/11mm : Crystal/Beige
Beveled Diamond Oval 18/12mm : Capri Blue
Cylinders 6mm : Luster Opaque Prairie Green 1/2 coat
Medium Shells 10/11mm: Opaque - Amethyst/White
Cushion Round 12/9mm : Topaz- 228 pcs.
Twisted Oval 12/7mm : Luster Opaque Blue 1/2 Coat
Round Beads 5mm : Dark Milky Caramel
Puffed Octagon 18/10mm : Tortoise- 144 pcs
Textured Rectangle 15/7mm : Luster Opaque Lt. Green
Flat Star Beads 13mm: Amethyst
Triangle Nugget 14/14mm : Luster
Flat Star Beads 13mm : Crystal - Gold Inlay
Flat Star Beads 13mm: Emerald
Triangle Fringe 9/9mm : Dk. Amethyst/White
Cubes 4mm : Opaque Luster Blue
Angel Wings 15mm : 1/2 Gun Metal/Opaque White
Flower Cup 3/8mm : Crystal
Angel Wings 15mm : Luster Opaque Green
Angel Wings 15mm : 1/2 Hematite/Opaque White
Pinched Diamond 5/14mm : Orange/Black Stripe
Big Flat Almonds 11/20 : Alabaster Brown
Angel Wings 15mm : 1/2 Prismatic Marea/Opaque White
Pinched Diamond 5/14mm : Matte Orange/Black Stripe
Round 10mm : Luster - Hyacinth
Jumbo Drops 10/14mm : Milky Pink
Whimsy Flower 12/14mm : Fuchsia/Silky Blue
Long Rice 15/6mm : Emerald - AB
Dime Beads 6mm : : Amethyst
Kidney 6/8mm : Milky Peridot
Stars 8mm : Tortoise
Dime Beads 6mm : Lt. Sapphire
Pinched Cushion 22/17mm : Pink Opal - Picasso
Indented Leaves 14/9mm - Cornflower Blue
Dime Beads 6mm : Black Diamond
Pressed Bead 23/7mm : Milky Pink - Moon Dust
Sun Faces 20/6mm : Opaque Beige - Gold Inlay
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